UAT/ES/Squawk Transceiver Models

Vision-Pro + (For Experimental and LSA)

  • Mode C Transponder “Squawk Code” and “Pressure Altitude” detection capability (wirelessly)
  • System I/O port for future connection to panel mounted displays and other avionics equipment
  • Supports interface with externally mounted “Annunciator Light” to indicate Transmitter operation status
  • Transmitter standard BNC connector for external antenna installation
  • Enhanced traffic reception
  • External antennas and coax cables not included

“Meets Performance Requirements” of TSO-C154c and FAR 91.227 for 1/1/2020 mandate when installed in Experimental and LSA aircraft

(per February 9, 2015 rule change to 14 CFR 91.225 (b)(1)(ii))
(Installation in LSA aircraft needs letter of authorization from aircraft manufacturer)

978UAT/1090ES/Squawk/EX Model

$1499 + shipping

978UAT/1090ES/Squawk/AHRS/EX Model

$1899 + shipping