UAT Transmitter

New Vision-Pro +
(for Experimental/LSA)


  • Full ADS-B OUT capability
  • ADS-B OUT capability allows receipt of local ATC radar traffic when within range of an ADS-B ground station tower (ADS-B IN Receiver Required)
  • In-Flight Subscription Free UAT TIS-B Traffic when used with companion ADS-B Receivers such as Stratus 1/2, GDL 39, or Stratux
  • Integrated precision WAAS GPS insures accurate location is transmitted to ADS-B ground station tower
  • Mode C/S Transponder “squawk code” and “pressure altitude code” detection capability
  • Supports panel mounted annunciator light
  • Use SkyGuardTWX app. available on Apple Store or iFly 700/720/740 GPS app. for initial setup and inflight control of the Transmitter
  • Connects to iPad/Android/iFly via WiFi interface
  • Meets “performance requirements” of TSO-C154c and FAR 91.227
  • FCC certified under FCC ID:  R83UAT100
  • Small form factor (8”x3”x2”)
  • 30 day “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee
  • 1 year full Parts and Labor repair warranty
  • External Transmitter antenna/coax cable not included

978mhz UAT ADS-B OUT Transmitter

$1175 + shipping


If you have a Stratus 1 or 2 or Garmin GDL39 Receiver and Prefer to use ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot App. and want to see the Full Traffic picture,  this Transmitter will trigger “Ground to Air TIS-B” Broadcasts to your  Stratus or GDL39 ADS-B Receiver Display