UAT Transceivers

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978mhz UAT ADS-B Weather/Traffic Transceivers (with 1090ES receiver or AHRS):- 2 different models available:
Dual-Band Receivers + UAT Transmitter + SQK Detector
Dual-Band Receivers + UAT Transmitter + SQK Detector + AHRS
(Tested with Transponders: KT76, Garmin 320, 327, 330, Narco, Tera)

  • Full ADS-B OUT and ADS-B IN capability
  • Plan to meet FAA 2020 ADS-B OUT requirement once TSO-C154c certification has been completed
  • ADS-B OUT capability allows receipt of local ATC radar traffic when within range of an ADS-B ground station tower
  • In-Flight Subscription Free Weather and UAT air-to-air Traffic
  • View NEXRAD Radar, METARs, TFRs, Sigmets, Airmets, Winds Aloft, TAFs, NOTAMs, and UAT Traffic on a compatible display
  • Integrated precision WAAS GPS insures accurate location as displayed on moving map
  • Completely Portable Unit which does not require any installation other than a power connection to aircraft
  • Compatible with iFly GPS, WingX Pro7, FlyQ EFB, Xavion, SkyRadar Pro apps on the iPAD;  iFly GPS and Naviator for Android, and the iFly 700/720/740 GPS Display Tablets
  • iPad/iPhone app. available on the Apple Store or iFly 700/720/740 for initial setup and inflight control of the Transceiver
  • Connects to iPad/Android/iFly via WiFi interface
  • Requires cockpit power adaptor socket (12V @ 5 amps or 24V @ 3 amps systems)
  • Small form factor (8″ x 3″ x 2″)
  • FCC certified under FCC ID:  R83UAT1000
  • Currently under FAA authorization testing
  • 30 day “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee
  • 1 year full Parts and Labor repair warranty

978UAT/1090ES/ Squawk Model

$1499 + shipping

978UAT/1090ES/ Squawk/AHRS Model

$1899 + shipping

Learn about the UAT/ES/Squawk/EX Transceiver Models

(For remote mount installation in Experimental and LSA aircraft)