Customer Testimonials



SkyGuardTWX probably saved my life last week. Flying inbound to 42J, Keystone Airport, in Florida and hugging the western border of Restricted Area R2903, the screen of my iFly suddenly showed a red triangle directly in front of my airplane’s symbol and traveling in the opposite direction. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d never seen this before. A second passed and I finally realized I’d better take evasive action quickly and I made a hard right turn. Just after the turn was initiated a low wing airplane passed exactly where I had been. Same altitude, on my course, opposite direction. Without that precious few seconds of warning it would have almost certainly been a mid-air. Thanks for SkyGuardTWX!
– Arthur

Hi Don,
Many thanks for a great product!  As you can see by the attached FAA ADS-B compliance report, zero failures!  Very easy to set-up and configure with the iFly 740.  And already of much greater utility for traffic than I expected at this point in time.  I just can’t say enough good things about the great support and flexibility shown by SkyGuardTWX and  Adventure Pilot (iFly) and Augusta Aviation!
All the best wishes,
Don B.

Hi Don,
“Yet another example for the benefits of ADS-B In/Out traffic”:
The other day I was flying at cruise in a busy costal area.
ADS-B indicated faster aircraft 8 o’clock 1,000 feet above and descending.
Then very quickly 700′ above descending, direct course for me.
I turned to the right and descended.
Never saw him with my eyes ever… and especially would never have seen him
at 8 o’clock.
The situational awareness of ADS-B is awesome!
“I will not fly without it!” – Richard

Thank you so much for sending the power cord for the SkyGuardTWX Vision-Pro Plus Transceiver. I flew with it for the first time today. WOW is about all that comes to mind. The instructor I was flying with was just amazed. It is the One thing my new plane did not have. I can’t wait to show the guys at the airport on Saturday.
Thank you very much again. John

Don: Despite some initial installation problems related to my Mode C Transponder for which you provided stellar support far beyond my expectations; once installed and working, my new SkyguardTWX Vision-Pro Plus Transceiver model for experimental aircraft appears to have superior performance to my older SkyguardTWX unit when it comes to traffic and weather reception. More importantly, after having the FAA run several avionics performance checks through the ADS-B Compliance Report System, the FAA agrees that this unit meets the performance standards for ADS-B Out and makes my Experimental Aircraft 2020 legal. Very few of the ADS-B units on the market today can make that claim. I couldn’t be happier with the performance and your support. For Support, you were kind enough to loan a like unit to the avionics shop to set up a test bed with my transponder to get this unit working with my transponder. That is service way above and beyond expectations. Thank you so much for your help and for the quality unit. – Jeff

Your system saved me yesterday. I had a helicopter crossing 200 feet below me and the SkyguardTWX Vision-Pro Transceiver had me aware before it became a factor. Tower was calling the helicopter to look for me but he could not see me. I radioed the tower that I have the Helicopter on my SkyGuardTWX ADS-B … tower replied, ” Wow, That thing really works… True story.. I will not fly with out it. – Randy

Don: Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for such a great product at such a great price point. I am over the top impressed with the SkyguardTWX transmitter (ADS-B Out) box. It was the perfect answer to the system I already had in place which was the iPad Mini running Foreflight in combination with the Stratus 2. I love to see the traffic that is around me and when flying along I know there is traffic there way before ATC alerts me to it. It is great to be able to know exactly where to look as opposed to just getting that initial call from ATC alerting of converging traffic and then trying to guess where it is now. Your customer service has been stellar and any questions I have had were answered immediately. That is saying a lot these days! Thank you again for such a great product that works as promised along with unprecedented customer service. – Brett

Thanks Don. It worked really nice on first true test flight. I am attaching snap-shots of my new passenger side installation as well as target planes in practice area. I will also post this traffic picture at AOPA (WingX) forum. Thanks a lot for your help, – Feroze

Hi Don I just made my first long trip with the SkyGuardTWX Transceiver. It worked very well! One suggestion is the GPS cable needs to be a little bit longer, I had to use a PS2 3 ft. extension cable to get the GPS puck tucked up under my glare shield with the radio located in the rear window of my Debonair. Thank you – Ben

Hi Don: The combination of my G795/GDL-39/SkyguardTWX ADS-B OUT transmitter are working very well together. I was skeptical on the value of adding traffic but my wife was/is a nervous flyer and really liked the idea of traffic in the cockpit so I added your device. Now I’m hooked! It’s like having another pair of eyes and its especially useful in the busy DFW airspace. Thanks – Dave

Your customer service is right up there with Adventure Pilot, and they are awesome. You called it right off the bat – the GPS antenna connection was the culprit. When I moved it out of the airplane it must have wiggled loose just enough to cause the problem. Reseated it and all is good now. You have a fantastic product! Thank you very much, – Ralph

HI Don, I’m the RV-6 pilot from the Tulsa area (Collinsville) that bought a SkyGuardTWX unit from you at the Adventure Pilot booth at OSH. I used it for my flights to Joliet, IL and Tulsa, OK. I was especially pleased with the traffic display and warnings in the Joliet area. The weather displays and info enabled me to safety skirt serveral hundred miles of thunderstorms in a stationary front in MO. I’m very pleased with the unit. – Bhrent

Don Your SkyGuardTWX UAT transmitter worked perfectly right out of the box by following the simple instructions regarding antenna placement, etc. I’ve had ADS-B out in the airplanes I fly for several years and had developed a false sense of security about being able to see traffic. The first flight with your transmitter was a real eye opener. Clearly, most of the time I hadn’t been close enough to an “out” equipped airplane to get much benefit as most of the traffic could not be seen. The amount of traffic now visible using your transmitter is amazing. It is now very easy to plan a simple correction miles before traffic can be visually acquired, to avoid a conflict. The beauty of the product is, since it is completely independent from the ADS-B receiver, It works with any ADS-B receiver/software combination. Thanks for a very cost effective product that greatly improves safety. – Keith

My new SkyGuardTWX Vision-Pro Transceiver works Great! It is amazing to see how much traffic is really out there. I have made several trips and it has worked perfectly. Made a flight from Alabama to Texas and there was bad storms about half way to Texas. Having the NexRad radar helped me navigate around the storms. – Charlie

I flew down to Austin today and it saved my tail. Had a plane go right over the top of me, my high wing and their low wing made the perfect scenario. The Vision-Pro ADS-B Transceiver popped up a traffic icon and we looked, sure enough, there was the plane. – Shane

I received the SkyGuardTWX Transceiver today and installed it. After a little fumbling, I and a friend were at 3,000 feet and fascinated with the display showing at least 15 airplanes. We had no idea they were there because none of them were eye-ball visible. Soon it became obvious we had way too much company and I sought the refuge of a Class D airspace where a controller could keep us separated. I wouldn’t say we were panicked, but we were definitely shaken with the congestion that felt more like combat then an afternoon pleasure flight. We consistently displayed possible conflicting airplanes long before the controller warned us. I asked the controller if he had a ADS-B read-out on us. After 30 seconds he responded ‘yes’ and gave an accurate read-out on his end. I asked if I was his first ADS customer today and he responded “yes”. He seemed delighted his stuff worked. Having one iFly 720 dedicated to the SkyGuard and another iFly 720 for navigation is extremely nice. Thanks again for two great products. – Arthur